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Use Your Gifts and Talents TODAY

You are the only person who can utilize the gifts and talents that you have been given.  When we finish our time on this earth and go to the grave, we will take every gift and talent with us.  Don’t wait, use them NOW.


Great time with Phillip Hatfield at the Austin Pregnancy Resouce Annual Fundraiser. These kids wanted a picture with the Mayor…LOL


Input motivational and positive life to your yourself and others every day.


My sweet baby Katie and Dusty get married tomorrow.


Failure is an Event, not a Person

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If We Would Simply Believe

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How powerful would it be if we all truly believed God instead of simply believing in God.

What would happen to our nation if the 90% practiced things like love, hope, faith, charity, selflessness, forgiveness, trust, work?

The nation is in our hands.  The nation was founded on the principles of God.  Let’s get back to those principles and work together to direct the path of America.

Have a blessed day.  Onward and Upward.

Great Minds Think on Ideas

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How often do we find ourselves caught up in discussions about people?  That is small minded thinking.

To think like great minds, we must understand how great minds think.  Research shows that Great Minds spend the majority of their tme focusing on ideas, planning how to incorporate ideas, setting goals for ideas.  When we progress to this level, our success will immediately follow.



The simplest thing you can do that has the most impact on the lives of others is to smile.

Give your smile away.  Try this, smile at each person you see and watch for their reaction.  See if you can bat over 90% in return smiles.  Make it game.  Brighten someones day.

You never know whom you may run across in this life that is needing a smile and needing it today.

Zig on Bathing

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